Top 10 Reasons to Market with a Realtor (Part 2)

Why a Realtor?

In my last article, I gave the first half of my top 10 reasons you should hire a Realtor to market you home.  If you are considering selling your home and are on the fence about whether a Realtor is a good investment, this article is for you.   I want to give you some solid reasoning for hiring a professional to help you list, market, and eventually sell your home in the market you are located in.  So many people are trying to do this on their own, and often times are unaware of all the pitfalls of not allowing a professional do the heavy lifting for them in the sale of their home.  I want to offer some help as a Realtor, and just as a human being.  Selling your home is a big deal.  You definitely want to hire someone who will treat you and your home selling process with the respect it deserves.



One of my favorite and often overlooked methods of marketing is the use of Social Media.  I utilize Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to communicate to those who follow me and my business page the listings that I have that are available.  Through the use of hashtags and professionally designed and informative social media posts, we are able to make use of the relationships that we have formed through social media to show people around us about the houses we have available for sale.  Not only through these platforms but through the ever developing world of social media, we are constantly looking for new ways to use this incredible resource to the advantage of our sellers and buyers.  This is a valuable tool for you.

I will allow you to tap into the resource that social media offers in the exposure and the marketing of your home to the market around you.




I know it’s a cheesy line, but it really is true that Together Everyone Achieves More.  I have learned and continue to learn the value of working together with like-minded professionals as we serve those in this market with the listing or purchasing of our homes.  When you work with a Realtor, you automatically connect yourself to a team of people whose sole purpose is to assist you in the sale of your home and the obtaining of the best offer for it.  We have secretaries at our office who assist us with the creation of marketing materials and social media posts.  We have brokers who offer us their assistance with regards to difficult Real Estate questions and important Real Estate laws that we need to abide by.  We are notified through our team of the changing trends in the market and get the much needed education on how to negotiate the sale of a home, how to fill out all the paperwork correctly, and how to recognize a good offer from a bad one.  Our team works together to hold Open Houses for one another as well as to obtain buyers for each other when the timing is right.  Working with a team of strategic partners like mortgage lenders, home inspectors, appraisers, roofers, accountants, and a variety of other business professionals gives you the unique advantage of having a wealth of knowledge and experience at your fingertips or the simple act of a phone call.


Hiring me as your Realtor will give you the strong support base you need of a team mentality so that you aren’t just going it alone.



As a part of the Tennessee Real Estate Commission, I have been educated on the laws and the regulations that are often changing in the marketplace.  While I cannot give legal advice, I have been trained to know the kinds of things you can and cannot say in the sale of your home.  There are certain ways to say things that if you are not careful, can land you in a lawsuit very quickly with a potential buyer.  Having a Realtor to be your Agent will go a long way to protect you from the legal issues that can ensue when you say the wrong thing and don’t realize it.  We have to be very careful in how we deal with both sellers and buyers.

Hiring me as your Realtor will give you the important added value of having someone who represents your interests above that of any buyer who steps into your home.




One of the most difficult things to figure out in the sale of your home is the actual selling price.  This can be a tricky enterprise and even the best Realtors can misjudge the market or be forced to change a price due to unforeseen shifts in the market.  But the best way to at least position yourself in the market at a good price that will potentially get you more for your home is to have a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) done.  A CMA is a very detailed and well thought out pricing strategy that will give you the tools you need to make an educated decision for the price of your home.  I will not tell you what to price your home at.  What I will do is gather the research from both the REALTRACS MLS and the Tax records, as well as the history of the sales trends over the last 3-6 months.  You will be able to look and see what similar houses in your neighborhood have sold for in recent months and it will help you to make an educated decision on the price you should be asking for you home.


Hiring me as your Realtor gives you access to the CMA and other tools we have that are much better than Z-estimates on Zillow or other other price estimating websites that really have little accurate information on our local market.



Finally, after all of these technical reasons to hire a Realtor for the listing of your home… I think the best aspect of this is that you get me to help you through the process.  That’s not arrogance, that’s just simply my confidence in my ability to listen to what you want and to help you get what you want for your home.  I tell people this all of the time, because I believe it.  Your story matters to me.  And not only does it matter, it’s taking your somewhere on your journey.  Whether you are moving out of town, selling your property for an investment return, or simply looking to make a transition…everybody has a reason for why they want to sell their home.  I care about that reason and I want to help you make that become a reality.  I believe the value of a Realtor lies within these 10 reasons, but also there is so much more.  If we can work together and I can help you have an enjoyable and relatively stress free experience in listing your home, then I will consider myself successful at doing my job well.

I have a family and I try to integrate my family into everything I do.  My wife is an amazing photographer who can capture stunning images of your home so that it looks amazing when it is listed on the various sites that we are connected with.  We work together a lot to help folks who list with me to have the best experience possible.

I believe that hiring me as your Realtor you will get the best service that your investment in a Realtor can buy… and your satisfaction is my chief aim.