Top 10 Reasons to Choose Marketing With A Realtor (Part 1)

Why a Realtor?

Something I am faced with pretty regular as a Realtor here in Middle Tennessee is the question “Why do I need a Realtor?  Can’t I just sell my house myself?”.   I usually respond in several ways.  I’d like to give you my top ten reasons that I think you should consider hiring a Realtor.  I’ve broken these 10 items down into 2 different blog posts so as not to overwhelm you.  I think you will find this both informative and helpful in trying to determine if hiring a Realtor is the best decision for you.



Perhaps the most important aspect of listing your home is Exposure.  Exposure is the ability to get it noticed, seen, and shown to prospective buyers.  As a Realtor, I have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) here in Middle Tennessee, also known as REALTRACS.  This is a service that we use so that we can see what the market is doing in our area.  It’s also so that we can list our client’s homes for all 10,000+ Realtors in our area to see.  It is a service that we provide to all of our clients as part of our fees for being your Realtor.  This gives you access to one of the most effective tools to get your property exposed to the market around you.  Additionally, we are required to attend regular trainings and round tables.  This is so that we can be as familiar as possible with this important tool to serve you better.  Ultimately, this really helps you in the sale of your home.

I will give your home the all too important exposure to the market that it needs.



The second most important step is a marketing plan.  I am a part of Benchmark Realty, LLC here in the Nashville/Murfreesboro market.  We have a proven plan for marketing that I believe is unparalleled.  Marketing plan is a multi-leveled plan that includes but is not limited to:

·       I have a growing base of contacts as I build relationships with people in our city.

·       Benchmark has a reputation for being one of the best Realty companies to work with in Middle Tennessee.

·       I offer Open Houses, door hangers, and mailouts to inform your neighborhood of the listing of your home.

·       I am in regular communication with other Realtors in the area regarding the sale and availability of your home.

·      I’ll list your home on,,, and well as many others.

·      I make Social Media Posts on your behalf that you can share with all your friends and family on Facebook/Instagram/etc if you so desire.

I will save you time, planning, and money in the process of providing Top-Notch, High Quality Marketing for the sale of your property. 



Something that a lot of For Sale By Owners (FSBO) don’t think about is  safety and security.  This is the fact that you will be allowing complete and total strangers into your home.  Everyone that is out looking for a house isn’t always looking for a house.  Many people are just looking for trouble.  That’s why having a Realtor to protect you and your family is important.  We begin by pre-qualifying potential buyers before they come into your home.  This is extremely important.  Realtors are trained to use Showing Centers to schedule showings for you.  In this way they maximize the benefit of the relationships that our associations with other Realtors afford us.  This results in added safety and security for you and your family.  Consistently, we strive for an environment where no unqualified stranger can just randomly show up at your door.  No one can just begin demanding to look at the house you’ve listed for sale.

I will add this kind of extra safety and security into the process of listing your home.



As a Realtor, I am a part of a National Association of Realtors.  That means I am a part of a community of professionals scattered throughout our nation.  We consider our job to be a very serious and professional vocation.  Not only am I a part of NAR, I’m also a part of the Middle Tennessee Association of Realtors.  As a local group of Realtors, we are constantly getting together to be connected and supportive of one another. Professionally, we are also in need of ongoing training in our areas of expertise.   Realtors have made a commitment here to becoming more and more knowledgeable about an ever changing market.  Having these associations holds us to a high standard of integrity. It also allows us to have a community of fellow Realtors.  Finally, the Realtors in this community are people who can help us through difficult and sometimes highly complicated aspects of the Real Estate Industry.  As a part of a Brokerage, I also am associated with very experienced and discerning professionals.  We have joined together to provide a great network of relationships to help  you get the most out of your listing experience.


I will allow you to gain the advantage of all of these associations that we Realtors invest in for your benefit. 



I’ve mentioned this already, but I feel it deserves a point all on its own.  Relationships are the core of my business.  Stories matter.  Your story matters.  Potential buyers of your home have a stories too…and it matters.  Also, my team of professionals is made up of  other Realtors and brokers, bankers and insurance people, home inspectors and appraisers, and a lot of other people.  We will be working together to help you through this process.  And we all have stories too!  All of our stories come together to make us the best team to offer you a one-of-a-kind experience as you list your home with us.  I call this “Relational Equity”.  In addition…I work with people in whom I have built trust with and who also in turn trust me.  When you are a part of such an important and vital team of relationships… you can offer your clients a trustworthy experience and gain relational equity in the kind of business you run.


I will give you access to the Relationships that drive and propel my business forward where others may struggle.